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Next Time….excuses and heart trouble

Next time….   That’s how I ended my last blog. I didn’t realize it would be over a month before I blogged again!  Sometimes life just takes over and the days slip by with ZERO word count!  I had good reasons this month, but don’t we usually have good reasons?  I wonder how many other adventures, deadlines, or opportunities I’ve missed because I brushed it off with a “Next time!”  I’m pretty sure that if you asked my kids they would say that “next time” really means “NO! – NOT NOW! – Not Happening and I just don’t want to argue about it!”  And to be fair, they would be right.  How many times have we been driving home and they’ve said “Hey mom, can we stop for ice cream?”  They can probably tell you an exact count. 

I have to say that lately I’ve made a conscious choice to try to say yes more often.  Not in a way that gives in to their every whim… but in ways that I think would be good for family time, would make a memory or just a good moment.  I’m also taking more opportunities to say yes to MOM time! Yes to date night! Yes to new adventures that I haven’t experienced yet. I want to treasure the moments in this crazy journey!  The tragedies in our country this last month have magnified the reality that life can change, or stop, in just one crazy moment. I catch myself complaining about the weather, or work, or my cluttered house now and frankly, I’m embarassed.  How dare I complain?!

  I thought I should make a list of times that I’ve used that next time excuse…. Next time.. I’ll run farther,  I won’t let the laundry/dishes/mail stack up, I won’t eat so much, I’ll call for reservations, I won’t volunteer for this!, I won’t work so late, I won’t be late,…

Of course there are positive “next time’s” too. 

NEXT TIME… I will play with you!, I will go to bed early! I will try bunjee jumping!, I will be prepared!, I will take lessons!, I will WIN!

Anyway, back to my reasons for missing a month… on top of our already chaotic schedules, an extra heavy schedule at work,  and some deadlines with our business, we had a bit of a health scare this month.  We’ve actually been going through testing and seeing different doctors for a few months,  At the beginning of the school year our school district offered EKG screening for the kids at school.  For $15.00 you can show up at the school, sign the forms, and get screened for cardiac issues.  Why not?!  I appreciate the concussion testing for the athletes, and cardiac screening is also a good idea.  So I took my 2 high schoolers and off we went to the school for the screening.  A week later I got an email from the athletic trainer that my daughter Megan’s EKG was abnormal and we needed to see a pediatric cardiologist.  No worries here.  I’m a PT.  I have some medical background. I know many people have abnormal EKG’s with no real issues.  But that was not the case…. long story short Megan was diagnosed with Wolfe-Parkinson’s-White Syndrome, (WPW) and Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT).  Here’s where mom’s medical background is just enough to be dangerous, and not enough to be helpful because I immediately jump to the worse case scenarios in my mind!  And honestly I thought “I paid $15.00 to be cleared! NOT scared!”  This is the kind of diagnosis that could remain latent and not develop into anything further, but it is also the kind of diagnosis that can cause a child to go into sudden heart failure.  Well, I was shocked!  Megan had complained of pain in her chest, but even our PCP wasn’t worried about it. Blaming it on soft tissue strain, or allergies or asthma  (which she doesn’t have).   Honestly, we all blew her off.  Ok, and here’s were it gets to me… we thought Next time it happens maybe we will have it checked out…Anyway, I have to thank God that we found all of the right doctors and in early April  Megan underwent a Cardiac Ablation. This is basically a procedure that burns the extra electrical tissue in her heart so that it can no longer affect the cardiac rhythm.  It’s an outpatient procedure, similar to a balloon angioplasty, with some bed rest afterward.  Why do 15 year olds have no problem sleeping all day…except when medically prescribed?

Fortunately all is well, and this is just a reminder that life is precious, symptoms can be serious, and being busy isn’t always a reason to pull out the “Next time” card. 



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