I’m a wife, mom of four children, physical therapist, and dreamer. I love adventure and the outdoors. My faith, family, and friends are important tome. I write to keep my sanity. I blog to push myself. I believe it’s best to “keep the drama on the page”. Forgive my meandering and oversharing, but it helps me process. I live to be authentic and have found the deepest friendships by allowing myself to be a bit of an open book. The experiences I’ve gained from being a parent push me to be a better person. I’m not an expert, but I’m a connector, a communicator. One who is willing to share even those embarrassing missteps. I believe that my transparency has helped others to relate to me and to trust in the value of authenticity. My experiences as a PT have proven that my passion in life is empowering people to seek their full potential. This requires reflection, hard work, and owning all the mistakes along the way. I hope my sharing on this blog keeps me authentic, pushes me to grow, and empowers those who stop by to keep pressing forward. An honest, authentic, passionate life is worth it!

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