Countdown to “E” Day

The countdown to the implosion of the United States is ticking down to “E” day… Election Day. The day that has driven so many arguments, division and pure hate between people. Two more days!

I have witnessed otherwise “non-judgy” friends declare their position and state “if you don’t agree with me I don’t even want to know you’re alive anymore”… REALLY?? I’ve witnessed my so called religious friends be nothing but ugly in their comments and condemnation… and funny how they have been both Democrats and Republicans. 🤦‍♀️. I’ve seen people react so viscerally that you would think they have personally invested their VERY LIFE in this election. I’ve heard people declare how strongly they believe in one candidate or the other… but I’m confidant that of the people that I’ve heard speak like this NONE have had ANY personal interaction with either candidate.

People are choosing sides over long standing relationships. People are choosing division and anger over adult conversations and truly trying to listen to each other. I don’t understand hating someone simply because they think differently than you do. I’m guilty of not being very interested in politics at all… and this election seems to prove that being involved is a waste of time and destroys your relationships. I do understand wanting a strong, knowledgeable, respectable leader. NOTE TO AMERICA… we failed to provide this on either ticket! Really?? These two are the best we could come up with? What’s our population count? … (I digress).

I have to admit that I find it difficult to imagine anyone seriously wanting to subject themselves to the scrutiny of running for office. I also know that both candidates are a heart beat away from being irrelevant. That sounds harsh, but it’s true. And yet we have let our personal opinions of each candidate drive hatred and division throughout our country, our neighborhoods, and our homes.

The best outcome from all of this has been increased voter turn out. People are wanting to cast their vote. But regardless of how the count turns out, I am afraid the chaos will only escalate. The lack of respect and humanity that I have witnessed in FRIENDS from both political parties is disheartening.

I honestly think it takes both parties to keep a balance of power. I honestly think we all need to take a field trip to the “other side” and make an effort to understand other points of view. That variety is what has made America. That ability to truly see the variety of perspective gives us all empathy and hope. This hate and division between friends and family is unacceptable.

Frankly, I don’t care who you vote for but I do care how you treat your friends and family, and even that stranger in the car next to yours. I do care that you have the opportunity to voice your opinion through a vote. Think about it people. Vote. And then go be good to people… maybe even try to be good to people who don’t live or look or … dare i say it.. people who may not think like you. Because in the end, how we live our lives is really all we have to offer this world. And stay tuned people, but I’m pretty certain that regardless of the outcome… the sun will still rise on Wednesday.

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