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Careful what you wish for..

Have you ever wished that you just had a little more time off? A little more time to yourself? A little more quiet time at home? I love my job. I love my family. But recently I found myself wishing exactly that. Oh, how I longed for just a little quiet time alone in my house to read, to relax, to just be… well now I’ve got it.

AND… just when I think It’s only been 12 days… and I have to live in this thing for 8 weeks… and I CAN’T take it anymore! I have to mentally kick myself and remember WHAT I KNOW

*I know that I am blessed to have a successful surgery, good health care, good insurance, and a supportive family and employer!

*I know that keeping a sense of humor and gratefulness is vital. #lovemylift chair #RECLINER WITH USB #Oldpeople goals

*I know that I can still type! Even though I feel like my head is in the stockade… even though my left hand fingers are all numb and tingling. I can still write and type!

*I know SO MANY people who I have personally worked with over my career in physical therapy who endured SO MUCH MORE! This is nothing.

*I know that having time to sit and think is a treasure that I have denied myself for too long.

*I know that being a “captive audience” for my grown/nearly grown children is a blessing! I’m always so busy and distracted I don’t usually take the time to really just sit and LOOK AT THEM and LISTEN to them (and yes I let her fix my hair).

*I know that when I wake up in the middle of the night with a panic attack because I feel like I’m being choked… it’s ok. I’m learning that the power of your mind can be redirected and overcome any anxiety and unfounded fear.

*I know that through the pain and the weakness that drove me to this point I was able to refocus my priorities and LET GO of things that don’t really matter and should not be the drivers in my life.

*I know this is going to feel like a long couple of months.. and yet in the long run… it’s just a blip in time. I will be back to work and my crazy schedule before I know it.

*and I KNOW I will go back to life and work with a new perspective. I will do better to remember what I know.

Thank you for listening to me! ….. also taking any suggestions for books and Netflix. 🤗

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