New Planner!

Who gets a new planner in October?  ME!!!  Someone who isn’t thrilled with their current planning system and is still very overwhelmed with life… someone who believes that a new planner, just like a visit from Santa, will bring new joy, clarity, and hope for the future!  My new planner; however, also came with a lot of questions.  Questions that I need to answer to fill in my goals..

  1. What urgent and important priorities do I need to accomplish that cannot be postponed?
  2. What are my top values and how can I better align my life with what I value most?
  3. What top 3 goals do I want to achieve within the near future to feel a sense of accomplishment?
  4. What are my current challenges – and what steps shall I take to overcome them?
  5. What new – and exciting – habits do I need to focus on to improve the overall quality of my life?

These are NOT simple questions! And these are questions which have answers which have varied widely with my stage in life.  Questions which I believe are best “reverse engineered” as I don’t always know the answers!

URGENT AND IMPORTANT??   … I need to get my paperwork done for work by the end of the month. I need to enjoy the stage I am currently in.  I need to spend time with my family.  I need to encourage my children, especially the two who are currently at home and in transition. I need to plan time with my husband to communicate and to just enjoy each other’s company. I need to clean out my home so that I am willing and able to host our friends and family.  I need to clear out the clutter in order to clear out my mind and be able to rest when I am home.

MY TOP VALUES?  My faith.  My family.  My marriage.  My health.

HOW CAN I ALIGN MY LIFE?  Make time for church and Bible study.  Research finding a small group.  Plan monthly date nights.  Plan DAILY time to talk with my husband and just enjoy his presence.  Schedule time to workout daily and eat Whole food!  It’s really not complicated.  I just can’t be lazy or revert to bad habits!

What top 3 goals do I want to accomplish in the near future? I will workout 5 days/week starting this week.  (This will help with health, weight, and stress!)  I will go to church weekly and participate in a daily Bible study in order to have daily exposure to God’s word and to grow spiritually.  I will clean out the clutter in my home! EVERY WEEK I will make a trip to get rid of STUFF!

My current challenges are my worries over my children who are at home.  My senior in high school who is not very disciplined at home or with his academics.  My daughter who is in transition.  I have not been the mom I needed to be and they are struggling.  I want them to find their paths… I want to coach them… but I also know that they have to learn their own lessons.

My other current challenge is the number of hours I spend at  work.  I work a lot! AND then I volunteer (related to work) AND I do paperwork at home.  I really am not able to enjoy my job OR my life with my family when I am working so much.  I need to guard my schedule and plan my time in order to accomplish what I need and still have time to rest.

What new and exciting habits can improve the quality of my life?... SLEEP!  lol.  All I want to do is sleep!  Daily Bible study ranks up there too!  Meal planning and prep… Daily workouts.  Not drinking that glass ( or so) of wine every night.  And … seeing the good in those around me and the day that is in front of me.  NONE of that is exciting though!  I need to climb a mountain or float in a hot air balloon!

Do you have any suggestions?  I need an injection of inspiration!  GO!!







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