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It is February in Texas and it is stinking cold!!! I don’t mind some cold weather. I grew up in northeast Kansas. I lived in Omaha, Nebraska for 12 years. I love our trips to Colorado for skiing. But this is Texas and it’s not supposed to be so COLD! I’m just a 40 something year old mom trying to keep myself in shape and I’ve caught the running bug! I like knowing some of the money goes to charities I support and I need the accountability of having a race deadline. But this season has not been what I expected. I was supposed to run a half marathon in December…. But the entire race was cancelled due to ice in Dallas. And now I’m signed up for a 15K this Saturday and once again we have bitter wind temps and ice! I know its nothing compared to the northern temps, but that’s why these races are scheduled in Dallas during the winter.


And did I mention that THIS race comes with chocolate! Hot chocolate, chocolate fondue and treats! Can you say let’s run?! But the weather and some illness have sidelined my training plans. I haven’t been running enough these last two weeks. I have managed to get in my long runs the last two weekends just not enough total miles. So is it a good idea to run? Or should I admit I’m not ready, the ice is dangerous, and the cold is ridiculous and just stay home? Has anyone else been struggling this season to stay on track with their training?

Sadly, this is a typical story in my life. How many times have I set a goal, gotten so close, and then allowed circumstances to keep me from it? Running as a practice has taught me that I am capable of more than I ever believed. It has given me more mental and physical discipline. Running has shown me a community made up of surprisingly varied people who create a fun and supportive environment that I just haven’t felt anywhere else. And I love how strong I feel when I’m done!

As a parent, I insist that my children fulfill their commitments. I guess this is one of those times I’ll have to be the example and run the run. So I’ll grab my gear, bundle up and go for it. I won’t be setting a PR but I’m going to focus on the adventure and splurge on the chocolate at the finish!!

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