Ready, Set, Let’s Roll 2012!

It’s January 1st, 2012 and I sit on the starting line of a year of incredible change! We are purposefully moving toward some major life style changes, while also being swept into new stages of life, whether or not we are ready. It’s overwhelming! It’s chaotic!. It’s exciting!  And if we are to live life on purpose, it is necessary.  We only get one life, I’m trying to wring the most out of it.  We started taking steps last year toward making changes.  My husband and I both have been allowing ourselves a little more time for each other and for our individual pursuits, thus requiring a little more independence out of our four children.  And now as we make some major changes I see that we are all a little more prepared for life to move out of the status quo.  So what’s in store for us? Well, first of all, my husband is sick of the political roller coaster that is the corporate America experience. After 20 years he is going to quit his job! I know, quitting his job in this current economical environment seems insane…maybe it is. But I know that he is in desparate need of a change, and for once we want to be in charge whatever happens to us.  So after much research and preparation we are purchasing a small business.   Life may be better, it may be worse, but it will be all on us! I believe that is really what goes wrong with many people, including myself, we are very quick to make excuses or blame others for our situation.   We don’t “own” our situation as it is and actively take steps to change it, maybe we don’t even believe it is possible to change it.  So, my husband and I have decided to be proactive, to be responsible for ourselves and our future, and to weather whatever comes knowing we started it!  Rose colored glasses? I don’t think so.  Stress that is because of change is much different than stress one feels from being helpless.  Finances may be a struggle at first, but  I’ve been poor before, I can be poor again. I simply refuse to watch my husband or our family continue to be swept along in life by the whims of others.

There are however, changes that will be occurring in our family this year that we can not control. The most major event will be when the oldest of our four children goes off to college in the fall. The beginning of the empty nest has arrived. Our 2nd will be a junior in high school, our daughter will start the 9th grade, and our youngest will leave the relative safety of elementary school to begin the middle school experience. As parents our role in their lives has evolved from caretaker for these precious little dependents, to limits enforcer, and finally to coach. As our roles continue to evolve and change I can only hope that the best thing that we are doing is living honestly and purposefully in front of our children. I hope that they see the changes that we are making this year as courage to live our life on purpose. Win or lose, there’s only one 2012 and I plan to enjoy the ride.

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